What is Wheat Germ ?

The term 'Germ' in Wheat Germ often gives an impression of bacteria or something but here Germ stands for Germination. Wheat Germ in Hindi will be  - गेहूँ का अंकुर…

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Benefits of Wheat Germ

The growing awareness about the nutritional value of Wheat Germ has made it a popular product among all the health conscious people especially in the US but lately countries like…

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How to eat Wheat Germ?

Wheat Germ is a health product and not a taste enhancer. It blends quickly in whichever food added and it's taste is inconsequential. Wheat Germ might not add any taste…

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Does Wheat Germ Reduce Cholesterol?

Research and several studies has shown that food rich in Phytosterols helps in reducing Cholesterol on a significant level. Phytosterols are molecular compound found only in plants. Their molecular structure is…

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Wheat Germ Masala Mathri

Mathri or mathis or sawali, papri, as it is known by many names in different states of North India, is a regular snack item in many families with tea, sometimes…

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Wheat Germs for Babies

It is said a good nutritious diet during infancy days ensures a healthy adolescence for a child. Once the baby is 8 to 9 months old as recommended age by…

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Where To Find Wheat Germ Oil

  Wheat Germ Oil is extracted from raw wheat germ. Like flakes, Wheat Germ Oil is also the treasure house of nutrients. Wheat Germ Oil is easily available in Ayurvedic shops.…

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