health benefits of wheat germ for baby

It is said a good nutritious diet during infancy days ensures a healthy adolescence for a child. Once the baby is 8 to 9 months old as recommended age by the doctors, food could be introduced to your little ones.

Among the various food items which could be given to the baby, adding wheat germ to the diet will give a nutritious boost to the diet of the baby. Wheat Germ will act as a catalyst to ensure wholesome development of the child at the growing age. It could be a boon for those babies and children who do not eat much.  

According to US Food and Administration Department report, Wheat Germ has 23 vital nutrients which plays a very crucial role in growth and development of the body.  The following list shows just how many beneficial nutrients wheat germ can bring to your baby’s diet:

  • Iron (development off red blood cells)
  • Vitamin A (good vision, health of epithelial cells, protection against infection)
  • Vitamins B1 and B3 (Energy production and brain development)
  • Vitamin B5 (helps your baby’s body assimilate energy from food)
  • Vitamin E (strengthens your baby’s immune system)
  • Folic acid (development of healthy skin and hair)
  • Dietary fibre (maintains bowel health)
  • Phosphorus (promotes healthy bones and teeth)
  • Potassium (promoted bone health and brain function)
  • Riboflavin (help extract energy from the food)
  • Zinc (develops reproduction system and strong bones)
  • Calcium (promotes healthy bones and teeth)
  • Magnesium
  • Protein (building muscles and cells, energy production)

where to find wheat germWheat Germ could be easily incorporated into the food of the baby. It is inconspicuous and subtle in taste. Wheat germ melts and blends in the food instantly and in this way boost the nutrient value of the food. There are various ways of adding wheat germ to the child’s diet you just need to be creative. Few suggestions like

  • Sprinkle wheat germ on fruits like banana, pears, peaches, apple etc
  • Blend wheat germ in with cream cheese and spread over toast
  • Add wheat germ to yogurt
  • In homemade baked goods like cookies you can use wheat germ equivalent to flour.
  • Overly runny gravies in the food could be thickened with wheat germ.
  • Add wheat germ in cereals.

Do add wheat germ in the food but don’t over do it. Mothers have the habit of giving too much, thinking that the more the better. Right amount of wheat germ helps in correcting bowel movement in babies but over dose may lead to loose motions.

Availability of wheat germ is a big issue. It has a very small life span and turns rancid very quickly if not stored properly. That is a reason it is difficult to find wheat germ in local stores. The best way to find fresh toasted wheat germ is through the manufacturer.

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