wheat germ oil in bangalore

Wheat Germ Oil is extracted from raw wheat germ. Like flakes, Wheat Germ Oil is also the treasure house of nutrients. Wheat Germ Oil is easily available in Ayurvedic shops. It need to be stored in a cool place and has to be used in the time period otherwise it will become rancid.

If you search online you can look for Soulflower wheat germ oil available at Flipkart. It is made through coldpress process and is beneficial on Minor Burns, Reducing Scarring, Irritated Skin, Cracked and Ageing Skin, Cures Psoriasis and Eczema, Improving Blood Circulation, Repairing Torn and Ragged Cuticles. Wheat Germ and wheat germ oil could be a little expensive but benefits of wheat germ oil cannot be overlooked.

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