Where to Buy Wheat Germ in India

where to find wheat germ oilJust like raw wheat germ or toasted wheat germ, oil extracted from wheat germ is also rich in nutrients and used world wide as skin care product. The oil is extracted from cold press method from the embryo of the wheat kernel popularly known as wheat germ. A ton of wheat germ is required to produce one bottle of wheat germ oil. Wheat germ oil is deep amber in color and has a very nutty strong smell.

Like raw Wheat  germ, even wheat germ oil is also a very rich source of Vitamin E. More than in any vegetable oil. Around Vitamin E – 41.8mg – 209% RDA in 25v gms of wheat germ.

Vitamin E is considered to be a boon for the skin and is very commonly used in skincare products. Wheat germ oil rich in Vitamin E helps in repairing damage from sunburn, burns; can reduce wrinkles and stretch marks; and can minimize scarring. The skin absorbs Vitamin E from the oil instantly and results will be apparent in few days.

The wheat germ oil has a very strong smell but we know it shows results then why to worry about smell. The rich vitamin E content in the oil helps eliminate the signs of aging, by strengthening the skin’s connective tissues.

The scientific name of wheat germ is “triticum vulgare” which is used on many skincare products. So don’t be confused if you find triticum vulgare written instead of wheat germ.

Wheat Germ oil also contains a very complex compound called Octacosanol. It is a rarely found compound in diet. Often prescribed by doctors in treatment of diseases like herpes and Parkinson’s disease. Research is still going on but the results of the experiment till now carried out shows that presence of Octacosanol in diet could help to cure these diseases.

Apart from it, Octacosanol is also recommended for athletes. It helps in improving strength, stamina and reaction time by increasing the flow of oxygen in blood. It is also investigated that wheat germ oil rich in Octacosanol also helps in treating acne, eczema and psoriasis and controlling cholesterol. These benefits of wheat germ oil due to presence of Octacosanol is still under research.

Other than Vitamin E, Wheat germ also provide your body with Vitamin A, D, and many B-complex vitamins. The minerals in wheat germ oil include iron and phosphorus. The oil is also an excellent source of fatty acids, including both linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, which are essential fatty acids like Omega-3 fatty acid, Omega-6 fatty acids because the body needs them to function properly but cannot produce them on its own.

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