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Wheat Germ

What is Wheat Germ

Wheat Germ is fast becoming a doctor’s recommended supplement for Vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin E and minerals like zinc and selenium. People are also preferring to have wheat germ as their dietary supplements instead of tablets.

Though the word germs gives an impression of some bacteria or something for the first time listeners but one who has done detail research knows that  wheat germ is the tiny embryo in a wheat kernel.It is the most active part of the wheat. Thats why when processing, embryo part of the wheat is removed as it could effect the shelf life of the wheat.

Wheat GermWheat Germ is actually the productive part of the wheat and is required for the germination process. It germinates and forms the wheat grass.

Though the smallest part of wheat but it is extremely rich in nutrition one reason it has become popular and difficult to overlooked.

Flour mills removes wheat germ from wheat while making flour or atta. The  reason why whole wheat flour which we use for chapatti or roti are white in color. It is wheat germ which gives a light brown color to wheat. Once it is removed wheat becomes white in color.

Due to the absence of wheat germ in our daily meals it is necessary that we add it in our food.

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