where to find wheat germ oilWheat germ oil is also equally popular just like raw wheat germ. Around a ton of wheat germ is required to extract 1 bottle of oil. It is cold pressed to extract oil. Wheat germ oil is very sensitive to heat. High temperatures, oxidation and light can cause the oil to degrade and become rancid. When properly stored and refrigerated, however, it can last for several months.

This is also one of the reason why it is not considered feasible for cooking where flame is used. Instead wheat germ oil could be included in preparing pasta dishes, salads and pesto where heat is not needed.

Wheat Germ oil is a very good carrier oil but sadly lesser used due to lack of awareness about it nutritious value and also it is highly perishable as well. But equally beneficial for our body that we cannot afford to overlook it.

Wheat Germ oil could be mixed with any essential oil. Wiki has accumulated the list of essential oil so I’m not mentioning it here. But among all the essential oil sunflower essential oil being the most popular.

You can mix around 5 to 6 drops of essential oil to 1 tsp of wheat germ oil and use this combination of oil for massage and used in aromatherapy for therapeutic purposes. It also to treat eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sunburn, scars, stretch marks, tired muscles and to improve lymph function. Wheat germ oil helps to rejuvenate dry, mature and dehydrated skin by aiding the formation of new skin cell but should be used under the guidance of  health professional.

Wheat germ oil is said to be good for hairs as well. Though the research till now doesn’t prove that it helps in preventing hair loss but it could definitely delay the fall. Presence of Vitamin E makes the scalp absorb the oil very easily which repairs the hair and brings back the sheen of the hairs.



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